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Happy New Year \ Felice Anno Nuovo

      “…fatti non foste a viver come bruti ma per seguir virtute e conoscenza…” Dante Alighieri

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Church’s were ‘The famous english shoes’

Good point the one made by Justin Fitzpatrick and his article here:

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Shop Visit: The Bureau Belfast

  The Bureau is one of that shop that you admire because there is the perfect harmony between the enviroment and the quality of the products for sale.

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Happy Christmas/Buon Natale

I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it All the year  (Charles Dickens)   Onorerò il Natale e cercherò di custodirlo nel mio cuore per Tutto l’anno   (Charles Dickens)

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Ulster(I): where the brogue was born

I am sure that most of you were astonished when in the last post we decided to insert a pair of brogue in connection with the Ulster region. Please do not be! That’s why:

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Ulster: a source of gentlemen cloths and more

  Meandering in Ulster: we soon will report about it     Girovagando per l’Ulster alla ricerca di una delle fonti del classico maschile.

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Evelyn Waugh: a BBC Interview

One of my favourite writer: thanks to youtube we can enjoy his wit.  

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Fair Isle: The art of knitting!

I quiet like to dress under my tweeds a knitted waistcoat made for me in the Fair Isle, the most remote inhabited island in the UK by Mary, an octogenarian lovely lady, who lives in the Fair Isle.

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Cirage: Dura Ars sed Ars

Cirage is a very complicated and taugh art: every gentleman should practise it. Only practising that the result sf shining part of the shoes can be obtained. Bee’s wax, rhum, water cotton and nylon and elbow works is the right … Continue reading

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Visit Factory: Toscanini (The finest Hangers in the world)

Arriving in Borgosesia, after a journey through Lanifici(we are close to Biella) and Wineyard (we are in Piemonte) is as romantic as coming in the Toscanini’s Factory.  

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