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Happy Easter / Buona Pasqua

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Visit Factory: Miserocchi, the inventor of the car shoe / Miserocchi ovvero l'inventore della car shoe

Mr. Giulio Miserocchi, after years as a worker in a shoes workshop decided, after the second world war, to start his new business.

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HRH Prince of Wales and the wonderful natural fabric

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P&J Haggart, a tweed story / P&J Haggart, una storia di tweed

Haggart means for the country style’s lovers the history of this fabric. Haggart started to sell tweed country clothing since 1882.

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Breanish Tweed: when the tradition meets the innovation / Quando la tradizione incontra l'innovazione

At Breanish they know how the rain can change our day or our life. If you want to dress with style avoiding orrible duvet jacket when it is rain then, Breanish Tweed with teflon is the answer.

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The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London

This book get back the reader in an atmoshere of the 17th centuries: is about the very traditional institution of Clubs in London where only 60 of the 400 are left.

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Casentino: the rural art of wool / Panno Casentino ovvero l'arte rurale della lana

If i have to think about a countryside’s fabric made in Italy,I surely think about Casentino. Casentino is an area between the province of Arezzo and Florence, in Tuscany. People in Casentino have been weaving this wool fabric for more … Continue reading

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Lemon Curd

We picked lemons from our trees and we used most of them for the preparation of a Lemon Curd: delicious! The eggs comes from our chickens too. If you want to learn more about it please contact the dapperslowth. Abbiamo … Continue reading

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Stile Maschile is now a Magazine ! / Stile Maschile finalmente in versione cartacea

Semper ad Maiora!

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Shop Visit: The Button Queen

The Button Queen is a marvelous shop in the lovely area of Marylebone in London.

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