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Book Review: Harold Macmillan, A life in Pictures

A wonderful present from a friend: through Amazon he got this for me.

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Black-tie in Summer / La giacca formale d’estate

When is warm or hot I think that the best jacket to wear for evening’s events must be white.

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Quoddy: it is time for boat shoes!

At Quoddy they know how to sew proper boat shoes. We are in Passamanquoddy in the Maine where going sailing or in an old runabout is connected with the location as well as the lobsters so delicious in there.

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Hamilton and Hare: tailored boxers / boxers d’autore

In our search of best small factory or artisans this can be a good spot.

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Underwear and Swim Shorts / Intimo e Costumi da Bagno

If the swim shorts is not a dispute case (they must be shorts) the underwear is really a personal matter related to the personal comfort.

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Tribute to a Woman

Sophia Loren

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Bentleys of London launching a new website / Bentleys of London è ora online

Old is great! Old is nice! Old is chic!

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Prince Charles: a classic regal example of dignity / Il Principe Carlo ed il suo classico esempio regale di dignità

From a man who was born in the classic era and still live in that era having an example like this is a source of joy!

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Zabattigli: the art of the shoes made in Capri / Zabattigli: artigiani a Capri.

      If you say Capri your mind is obliged to think about relax and beauty.

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